• Range of Finagle Lanka Bakery Products

    Conveniently Delicious

    Frozen & Fresh Bakery Products

  • Pita bread of Finagle Lanka

    Conveniently Delicious

    Frozen & Fresh Bakery Products

  • Range of Finagle Lanka Bakery Products

    Conveniently Delicious

    Frozen & Fresh Bakery Products

  • Range of Finagle Lanka Bakery Products

    Conveniently Delicious

    Frozen & Fresh Bakery Products

  • Finagle  Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

    Setting the pace from the start, Finagle Lanka (Pvt) Limited became the first Sri Lankan bakery to obtain ISO 9001-2000 quality certification. It is now accredited with the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certification as well.

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  • Finagle Lanka

    True excellence of  taste & quality

    • State of the art factory
    • Highest rated certificates for hygiene and quality
    • Largest bakery in Sri Lanka

our products

    • Finagle - Sandwich Bread

      Sandwich Bread

    • Finagle - Crust Top Bread Bread

      Crust Top Bread Bread

    • Finagle - Multiseed Low GI Bread

      Multiseed Low GI Bread

    • Finagle - Kurakkan Enriched Diet Bread

      Kurakkan Enriched Diet Bread

    • Finagle - Whole Meal Bread

      Whole Meal Bread

    • Finagle - Bread Crumbs

      Bread Crumbs

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    • Finagle Chocolate Swiss Roll

      Chocolate Swiss Roll

    • Finagle Tea Cake

      Tea Cake

    • Finagle Sponge Cake

      Sponge Cake

    • Finagle Butter Biscuits

      Butter Biscuits

    • Finagle Butter Rusk

      Butter Rusk

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    • Finagle Pol Roti

      Pol Roti

    • Finagle Naan Roti

      Naan Roti

    • Finagle Roti Paratha

      Roti Paratha

    • Finagle Chapatti


    • Finagle Arabic Bread

      Arabic Bread

    • Finagle Pita Bread

      Pita Bread

    • Finagle Kottu Roti

      Kottu Roti

    • Finagle Puff Pastry Sheet

      Puff Pastry Sheet

    • Finagle Godamba Roti

      Godamba Roti

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    • Finagle - Burger Buns

      Burger Buns

    • Finagle - Hot Dog Buns

      Hot Dog Buns

    • Finagle Submarine Bread

      Submarine Bread

    • Finagle Sweet Bun

      Sweet Bun

    • Finagle Cream Bun

      Cream Bun

    • Finagle Packet bun

      Tea Bun

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    • Finagle Chocolate croissants

      Chocolate croissants

    • Finagle Butter Croissants

      Butter Croissants

    • Finagle Vol au Vent

      Vol au Vent

    • Finagle Roasted Bread

      Roasted Bread

    • Finagle Vienna Rolls

      Vienna Rolls

    • Finagle Konda Kavum

      Konda Kavum

    • Finagle Athirasa


    • Finagle Mung Kavum

      Mung Kavum

    • Finagle Pizza


    • Finagle Tortilla


    • Finagle Tart Shell

      Tart Shell

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    • Finagle Seeni Sambol Bun (Mini)

      Seeni Sambol Bun (Mini)

    • Finagle Fish Bun (Mini)

      Fish Bun (Mini)

    • Finagle Chicken Bun (Mini)

      Chicken Bun (Mini)

    • Finagle Fish Patties

      Fish Patties

    • Finagle Fish Stuffed Roti

      Fish Stuffed Roti

    • Finagle Vege Stuffed Roti

      Vege Stuffed Roti

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    • Finagle Strawberry Ripple Chesee cake

      Strawberry Ripple Chesee cake

    • Finagle Opera Cake

      Opera Cake

    • Finagle Mango Mouuse cake

      Mango Mousse cake

    • Finagle Pineapple Gateau

      Pineapple Gateau

    • Finagle Caramel Cake

      Caramel Cake

    • Finagle Black forest gateau

      Black forest gateau

    • Finagle Chocolate Brownie Praline

      Chocolate Brownie Praline

    • Finagle Fruit gateau

      Fruit gateau

    • Finagle Nougat Cake

      Nougat Cake

    • Finagle Ribbon Birthday Cake

      Ribbon Birthday Cake

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True Excellence of Taste & Quality

For decades, Finagle has won the trust of top local companies, multinational franchises and discerning consumers with their rigorous and consistent quality standards in every aspect.

  • Export Markets

  • Key Clients

    • Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts
    • Jet wing Hotels and resorts
    • Aitken Spence Hotels and Resorts
    • Galadari Colombo
    • Barista
    • Cinnamon Hotel and Resorts
    • Hilton Hotels and Resorts
    • The Kingsbury Hotel
    • Taj Samudra
    • Mount Lavinia Hotel
    • OZO Hotels and Resorts
    • Asiri Health
    • Durdans Hospitals
    • Hemas Hospitals
    • Lanka Hospitals
    • Ninewells Hospitals
    • KFC
    • Burger King
    • Dinemore
    • Pizza Hut
    • TGI Fridays
    • Sri Lankan Catering
    • Keells Super
    • Arpico Supercenter
    • Softlogic Glomark
    • Laugfs Supermarket
    • Spar
    • Lanka Sathosa

Quality certifications

  • ISO 22000 Certification

    ISO 22000 Certification

  • HACCP Certification

    HACCP Certification

  • FSSC 22000

    FSSC 22000

  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification

    GMP Certification