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    Frozen & Fresh Bakery Products


Frozen ready-to-bake, par baked and baked products pose several advantages for hotels, restaurants and caterers. Through us, they get access to numerous complex baked products that adhere to international standards of quality and hygiene.

  • Scrumptious desserts served in a hotel


    Leading Five Star Hotels and other well-known chains are loyal customers of our frozen goods. Quite apart from having easy access to products that are on par with international standards of quality and hygiene, they benefit through lower investment in specialized machinery. Moreover, they no longer have to depend on skilled bakers who are in short supply as many opt to go abroad in search of more lucrative prospects.

  • Bakery products in a restaurant


    Whether they be large or small operators, many restaurateurs have realized the advantage our products provide – whether they be frozen or fresh. They gain consistently high quality and convenience while reducing their expenses substantially.

  • A range of freshly baked bread and pastries


    As for restaurants, so it is for caterers. They gain convenience and consistently high quality while reducing expenses. Our fresh baked products are also in demand within this segment.