• Range of Finagle Lanka Bakery Products

    Conveniently Delicious

    Frozen & Fresh Bakery Products


Catering to a wide variety of customers requires at least an equally wide range of products. We supply to reputed Hotels, international chain accounts such as KFC and Burger King and supermarkets around the island. That is quite apart from the numerous other retailers who rely on us. From Fresh Bread, Burger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, Sweet Buns, types of Flat Breads (Roti), Rusks, Cakes and Biscuits - there is something for everyone!

  • Finagle Bread


    Daily, we bake a variety of delicious, wholesome breads ranging from Classic Sandwich & Crust Top to Kurakkan Enriched Diet Bread, Whole Meal bread, and Multi Seed Low GI bread for the health conscious.

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  • Finagle Buns


    A full range of buns such as the perennial favourite sweet (Tea) buns, cream buns, Burger and Hot Dog Buns, Submarine Buns are baked to perfection for your enjoyment.

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  • Finagle Flat Breads

    Frozen Products – Flat Breads

    Add variety to dinner time with “Home Made” favorites and surprise your family with a hygienic, delicious and convenient meal. From Roti Paratha and Chapatti to Arabic Bread, Pol Roti, Naan Roti and Pol Roti, ranging from the east to the west, all are available. We even have Koththu Roti! All you have to do is to thaw the product and reheat. Where necessary, fill it and roll it up and bake or cook to perfection. It is so easy.

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  • Finagle Frozen Buns

    Frozen Products - Buns

    All these products are prebaked and frozen. All you do is to take them out of the freezer and heat as recommended on the pack.

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  • Finagle Cakes and Biscuits

    Cakes & Biscuits

    Ideal as a tea-time snack, or to serve unexpected guests.

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  • Finagle Frozen other products

    Frozen Products – Others

    A range of innovative products baked and frozen for you to enjoy after heating.

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  • Finagle Chilled cakes

    Cakes – Chilled

    A selection of the most popular cakes in the world given the extra special Finagle touch.

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